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AllEarth Rail | Vermont

AllEarth Rail is a passenger railroad equipment company based in Vermont. We have invested in a fleet of self-propelled, stainless steel Budd rail diesel cars (RDC) for passenger rail service here in Vermont. 

Our vision is the creation of a community passenger rail network connecting Vermont’s cities and towns through an integrated public transportation system.  The result will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of life for all Vermonters.

“The Budd rail cars offer flexibility, low operating costs, and reliability for the short-haul passenger rail service so needed in Vermont. They can be operated cost-effectively in a practical, safe, people-focused and planet-friendly way - ‘the Vermont way’ as we call it. The Budd cars are here and ready to roll.  It is time to make this vision a reality here in Vermont.”

David Blittersdorf, Founder AllEarth Rail