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AllEarth Rail is a regional passenger railroad equipment company in Williston. Our Budd RDCs were manufactured by the Budd Company in Philadelphia and were remanufactured in 1995 for commuter rail service in Dallas, Texas. They were used there for nearly another two decades.

The fleet is stored at our shop in Barre, located at the former Bombardier plant. Here, the cars are being tested and serviced.

We are engaging existing public and private transportation entities and others interested in providing safe, reliable and cost-effective passenger service between Vermont's cities and towns. This rail service will complement, not replace, existing bus service. Our vision is an integrated statewide transit system that makes door to door commuter service possible and eliminates the need to own cars.

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AllEarth Rail's vision of community rail encourages growth of centralized communities around train stations. It connects passengers to other communities, without the need for private transportation. Community rail urges economic development around the stations and community involvement.


In Vermont, the transportation sector is the largest single source (42%) of greenhouse gas emissions. With convenient, affordable, integrated community rail and bus service, VT could dramatically reduce the current 82% of "drive alone" commuter trips and the negative environmental impact of those trips.

Vermont has a long history and tradition of support for its railroad system. Historically, rail helped towns like Barre, Rutland, White River Jct., St. Albans, and Essex Jct. flourish. Today, the Budd cars offer the opportunity to revitalize short-haul passenger rail service. As we like to say, going "Back to the Future!"

85% of Vermonters currently live within one mile of a railroad track.

$100+ million has been invested in recent years to improve our rail infrastructure, allowing for expansion of passenger service.

24 major employers are located next to existing railroad tracks.


Passenger rail generates vast economic benefits to downtowns with stations.

A study by Dallas Area Rapid Transit concludes that every $1 of public funds invested in transit infrastructure attracts $7 in private investment.

US Dept. of Commerce studies show that every $1 invested in railroads supports $10 in local economic activity.

New train stations attract employers and a mix of housing, retail stores, services and other amenities.

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