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The Budd Car Advantage

The Budd Car Advantage
These bi-directional railcars were designed for rural passenger service. The BBudd Car graphic-1udd cars offer flexibility, efficiency and versatility, low operating costs, and a proven record of safety and reliability. They do not require costly locomotives and turn-around rail yards, allowing for a cost-effective, safe and people-focused solution that is planet-friendly in a true  “Vermont way.” 

Each Budd car has:

  • Seating capacity of up to 94 passengers
  • Individual motorization – which means they travel without locomotives.
  • Two EPA certified 360 horsepower diesel engines, one at each end
  • Fuel efficiency: 2.5 miles per gallon
  • AllEarth Rail’s Budd cars are safe, reliable, and ready for Vermont community rail use.

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The Remarkable Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)