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During the worst of the pandemic, even those of us in the northeast saw the photos of the clearer air over Los Angeles and elsewhere throughout the world. Why did this happen? In large measure because we got out of our cars.

Let's commit, and commit now, to learning from what we saw. Addressing the climate crisis has never been more urgent, fuel prices are high, and vehicle availability is low. We've learned that much of our workforce can work remotely either some or all of the time, that communities can come together and be true communities even through deep challenge. What better time for a true commitment to public transportation?

Like many other things, this website has been quiet over the last couple of years as all of us continue to make our way through some challenging times. But AllEarth Rail, and more importantly our Budd cars, are here. While a couple have gone out of state on lease, we committed to doing all we can to push Community Rail service for Vermonters.

Will you join us? Stay tuned for more to come!


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